So while at work today I have seen the hashtag #GetTheInsideOut flying around. So after looking into this I realised it was to help those suffering with mental health. Straight away I knew I had to be involved as the whole reason I started this blog was to stamp out the stigma which surrounds the illness and this hashtag is working hand in hand with my goal!

Lloyds Bank and Mental Health UK have launched a new TV advertising campaign on Channel 4 to encourage more people to feel comfortable speaking about mental health.

“Too many people living with a mental health problem feel isolated and misunderstood. Yet we all have mental health so the more we talk and listen, the easier it becomes for everyone. This campaign will help get mental health out in the open, where it belongs”

– Brian Dow, Managing Director of Mental Health UK

The adverts feature Lloyds Bank colleagues, members of the public and celebrities – including Professor Green, Jeremy Paxman, Rachel Riley and Alex Brooker – playing a variation of the ‘Who am I?’ sticky-note guessing game, to explore the common misconceptions about living with a non-visible disability using the hashtag #GetTheInsideOut.

There have been a few familiar faces who have taken part already and as a result we can raise the awareness of people suffering with mental health and show this is not something to be ashamed of.  Remember You are not alone!

Lloyds Bank conducted research* with Mental Health UK and found that 67% of people in Britain feel society is more comfortable talking about mental health conditions now compared to 5 years ago. However, 3 in 4 still believe there is a significant stigma attached to people with mental health conditions, and nearly a quarter are still uncomfortable talking about mental health with a friend or family member.

This is something which I do feel very passionate about as I suffered for many years not speaking to anyone as I was ashamed. No one ever understood, I would go to counselling sessions in secret only my closest of friends would know where I have been but I would never really go through the ins and outs. I would just smooth over it like it was nothing.

It wasn’t until February last year when I was taken into hospital that I started to open up to those around me, even then it wasn’t an easy thing to do. It has always been something I have struggled with, people would never understand and even still now this is something which is not understood by lots of people… this is what saddens me, as some don’t even want to be educated and just want to believe that this is someone choosing to be a ‘victim’ this is NOT the case. We all want to be better and don’t want to be known as the girl/boy suffering with mental health!

It took me over 10 years to even speak about my thoughts/mental health and finally I have got the strength to speak aloud and this is all thanks to my mental health nurses at the Radbourne Unit in Derby. The NHS were able to provide me with a lot of support and I couldn’t be more indebted to these women.

Mental health is something which affects most of us at some point in our life and yet we shy away from speaking up. Take some time to speak to someone you care about and open up get those feelings inside out, it is more important than you think! You are not alone and remember that you are important and relevant. I challenge you all to take a selfie with a post it note on your head, with the hashtag #GetTheInsideOut. Then share this on your social media accounts to show your support and help those suffering show that we do care!

If you do take your selfie please tag me, to show how this post has encouraged you to take part!! 

Here is mine!


I look forward to seeing your pictures!


Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist

I have always struggled with sleep for as long as I can remember but there is one thing for sure and that it has only got worse over the past year. It has become a right pain! I have tried a number of different things over the years from herbal tablets to routines etc. I couldn’t find anything which would work. I got a sleep spray in my glossy box about a year back and used it here and there, the only problem is I had never really used it enough to get a real benefit.

So I looked online and came across this beauty, and thought how beautiful this would look on the side in my room swell as smelling divine when used on my bed sheets… two birds one stone if you ask me?

I love the smell of lavender, some of my friends call it the ‘old people scent’ but I can’t help but fall in love more every time I smell it. It reminds me of those hot summer days back when I was a child sitting in the garden with my family, back to when life much simpler.  The Neom Pillow Mist is a blend of 14 essential oils including English Lavender, Chamomile and Patchouli.

Lavender and Chamomile are known for their calm and relaxing benefits. Patchouli has anti-depressant benefits, so this is a brilliant pillow spray for those of you who get anxious at night… I know I do that’s for sure! This pillow spray has allowed me to unwind before going to sleep and helped me to drift off to sleep easier than normal. I can’t go to bed without it now.

This pillow spray allows me to truly relax on the good days and on the not so good days just takes the edge off. If you do meditation before bed this spray works well side by side each other. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering with anxiety before bed, don’t get me wrong it doesn’t fix issues and if you are extremely anxious this will not stop it. But if you haven’t tried it and need some help then make sure you give it a try!

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*All photos my own