5 ways to clear your head


I think we all struggle from time to time with brain fog, this can be down to work getting too much or maybe down to your mental illness. We all struggle from time to time, but there are a few things which we can all do to clear our minds. I have learnt a few things on my way and thought I would share these will you. You never know they may help you… fingers crossed!


I can only imagine that you have heard this one too many times… It is something that I was always being told and I didn’t believe that this would work for me. One I am not a lover of exercise and two my head is 1000 mikes per hour most days and nothing works to slow the thoughts down… so why would exercise?

It all depends on what works for you. I have tried different forms of exercise but I love running in the fresh air, but I haven’t been able to do this for a while due to the horrible icy weather, I don’t want to break an ankle. In the colder months I go the gym and tend to do the cross trainer as I can put my headphones in and forget all of my worries. It really allows me to focus on me and clear my head of those day to day thoughts/stresses.

Exercise is known to balance hormones and support your health in numerous ways. Studies have proven that if you have brain fog the best thing to do is to get up and move; so go for walks regularly, go out in to nature on your bike or just a walk and talk with a friend. You will for sure notice the clarity after exercise.

Write it down

When suffering with a clouded head it might be that there is too much going on in your head. Sometimes it can feel a though there are 100’s of thoughts loitering in your brain. It can become a bit of a burden and make you want to turn your thoughts off.

Clouded head can cause no sleep, struggle with concentrating etc. I would 100% recommend that you write all these feelings down, it allows you to get all those thoughts down on paper and declutter your mind. It can take a few attempts to work but trust me if you persist you can make this work for you.

Never underestimate the power of pen and paper!

Speak to someone

Never feel bad for speaking to someone about the things which are scrambling your head. Talking to someone whether it’s a friend of a family member or even a stranger, they may be able to shed some light on the issues that are causing you destress or just cluttering your head. They can be a listening ear for you.

Speaking to someone else will let you get some clarity on issues with you may have been dealing with for a while now.

Read a book

In order to escape from the thoughts in your head sometimes you need to be able to escape from reality. The perfect way to do this, is to get a good book for 20 minutes or more just escape from reality. Depending on what books you read you may be able to gain something from the book while reading or it could just be a chance to let your mind be free and escape, without having to really move an inch.

I am currently loving All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I tend to read this just before going to bed or in the evening to give me a bit of time to escape before winding down.


This might not be for everyone! Meditation is something which can take  little time and practice. However, if you give it time you can really benefit from meditation when having a bad day of brain fog or just in general!

There are lots of different ways you can do meditation. You can use guided meditations, a  really good app is Simple Habit which you can use on your phone or you go visit their website. It provides meditations for all different occasions e.g. lunch breaks at work, sleeping and even for your morning coffee… there is pretty much everything on there. It’s the perfect way to get some time to clear your mind and focus on something  that really matters other than the clutter.

You can also use meditation music to focus on rather than the guided meditations it depends what works for you best. I sometimes use meditation music when on my way to work or just relaxing.

Is there anything which you do to help clear your mind?

*All photos my own


Lighten up on yourself.


I can imagine there are so many of us right now that need to take better care of ourselves, this could be physically or mentally. For some of us it is doing more exercise, losing weight or just having a better diet. For others, it may mean learning how to make time for ourselves, learning to manage with stress.

What are some of the things which you can do to make you feel better in life? 

Feeling good involves taking care of your emotional and physical needs. I will provide some suggestions which we can all do to make us feel better. Think how you can pay more attention to your overall wellbeing. Is it eating better? Is it spending more time with loved ones? I want you to write down what you can do to make your mind and body healthier and better.


Think to yourself ‘How often do you smile in a day?’. Well did you know that smiling is proven to lower stress and anxiety? Smiling has many benefits and it definitely a way to help your emotional self feel better. When you smile your body will release endorphins which is the ‘feel-good’ hormone. So the more you smile the better you will feel.

Smiling is one of those contagious actions just like the flu! If you smile at people they are more than likely to smile back. So when you are next in work smile at your colleagues, or smile when your on the phone to friends. In fact try it right now and see how it makes you feel, smiling will make you feel more relaxed. So even when you don’t feel like smiling…. just fake it until you make it!

Get rid of a bad habit

Before you say ‘I don’t have a bad habit’ we all have a bad habit or two, whether that’s biting our nails, not washing our hands as much as we should or maybe just being a coach potato. Maybe it is not looking after yourself as much as you should! If you don’t have any idea what yours is then speak to a friend or a family member as I am sure they will be able to assist you in finding the bad habit to work on.

As it is the start of 2018 take one bad habit and work on it throughout the year. To help yourself get out of a bad habit remember it is not always a good feeling, so think about now and later. “If I eat this kebab now, I feel good. But I won’t feel too good later on. Plus if I don’t eat it, I will see the benefit of it later!” So you can use this to help you work through those bad habits of ours.

Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself and take each day as it comes, remember that if you slip up… tomorrow is another day and you can try again. It’s OK to slip up!

Do Good Feel Good

This is something which has been drilled into me at work. If you do something good for someone other than yourself, you feel good as a result.

Depending on what you do it could help your physical health, especially if your running errands for the family, all those steps will get you burning plenty of calories. There are a few little things which you can do to help others such as;

  • Babysitting for a friend or your family.
  • Running to the shops for someone
  • Picking rubbish up if you see it in the street
  • Open the door for someone

You will be amazed how doing something for someone else can make you feel so good.

Is there anything you do for yourself? Don’t forget about your self care!

*All photos are my own