This Is Me

Everyone has had a song which has made them feel empowered right?

Well recently I came across a song which I am sure you have all heard of… This is me – The greatest Showman soundtrack and this is a song which has really empowered me and allowed me some time to think.

I can hear you some of you thinking… it’s just a song don’t be silly! Well you couldn’t be more wrong. The lyrics really do empower me and allow me to really accept me for me at that moment in time. It does stay with me for a little while just not all day unfortunately.

As soon as the song starts you get the lyrics “I am no stranger of the dark, Hideaway, they say ‘Cause we don’t want you broken parts. I have learned to be ashamed of all my scars. Run away, they say, No one will love you as you are” This is something I can highly relate to being someone who suffers with mental health I have always been embarrassed and never want to mention this to people and I think with the society we do live in there is such a stigma which means that we start to feel that we are ‘damaged goods’. I find it hard to mention to new people that I am someone who does suffer. As times go on we become good at hiding away and being on our own with our troubles and this should never be the case. It is far too dangerous for our health to hideaway from in the dark, but that’s what it is it all dark and we need to try and bring some light into that space. This can be done by speaking to someone and helping bring you out of the dark space.

The first part of the song I think a lot of us suffering can relate to. We shouldn’t be the ones hiding, as we should never be ashamed of our troubles. We all go through hard times and this does not make us weak, if anything we are stronger for actually speaking out and talking to someone about these issues. Remember, you are a lot stronger than you believe, you are loved and someone will accept you for who you are.

 We all have broken parts, it might be that some people don’t seem to have any broken parts but I can tell you now most us have ‘broken parts’ it is part of being a human being. People just don’t like to show them to us as they feel ashamed, just like we can be about our mental health.

This song has so many depths to it. As the song goes on it shows are we should be proud of all of our ‘damaged’ parts. The lyrics just speak for themselves “I wont let them break me down to dust, I know that there’s a place for us for we are glorious. When the sharpest words wanna cut me down I’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown ’em out. I am brave. I am bruised. I am who I am meant to be. This is me!

This song encourages us to be proud of every single part of us. If you are having a moment where you’re doubting yourself or feeling a little late then make sure you go and have a moment to listen to this song, as you are in charge of your own happiness and if you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect anyone else to believe in you. Mental health can strip you of your identity if you let it, don’t let it, it is just a little part of you but it is not who you are!

This songs reminds you to celebrate all the little things that make you, YOU!


Old Friends


Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Over the weekend I had planned to go out for afternoon tea with a friend of mine who I have known for years. We had lost contact but this past year we got back in touch through blogging! Blogging definitely brings people together.

Samantha has her own blog so make sure you go check it out Written by S J Smith.


As you all know by now I suffer with anxiety pretty terrible so as you can imagine before I was thinking of all worse case scenarios. I had even thought about making an excuse as to why I couldn’t go as the thought of seeing school friends from over 10 years was too much to bear. All sorts was running through my head;

  • What if they wouldn’t like me?
  • What if we have nothing in common?
  • What happens if no-one speaks to me?
  • I will be such a sore thumb in the situation
  • Do I have to go?
  • What happens if they judge me?

The list goes on. I just didn’t know if I could put myself through the afternoon of sitting with people I didn’t know anymore. It won’t be the same, after 10 years no-one will want to have anything to do with me anymore.

As much as I didn’t want to go, I knew that this was something which I had to do as it was Samantha’s birthday and I had already agreed to go. I couldn’t let her down, she had been so good to me and was such a good friend. I couldn’t be the one to let her down on her birthday.

The night before I decided to go to bed early and rest up as it would mean that I would maybe feel better about it tomorrow… I won’t lie, I didn’t!

On the Day

So on the Saturday of the vintage afternoon tea I decided to get up and just get in the shower and get ready. The busier I kept myself the more likely I would just go, as I wouldn’t have time to think about it. It worked well, until it came to putting the address in my phone to make my way there. More and more thoughts came rushing into my head;

  • What if I get lost?
  • What happens if I am the last one there?
  • I hope I have got the time right
  • Everyone will just stare at me when I walk in
  • People will be wondering why I have even gone!

But I just got into my car and made my way there. I then ended up going and guess what? I didn’t get lost and I wasn’t the last person to turn up, in was in fact one of the first… well 5th but it is better than 10th! I got out the car and said Hello like some normal person. However, deep down I was shaking so much my legs felt like jelly. I felt as though all eyes were on me, I began to feel like an exhibit at the zoo! However, they were so nice and welcoming, they hadn’t change a bit.

Once we got to the table things were a little quiet on my behalf but after around 20 minutes it was like it was years ago. Joking, laughing and of a little bit of reminiscing as catching up with friends, always means going through old memories. One thing I had realised was that life was so easy back then, just school work being the biggest of our issues. There is one thing that I began to realise and that’s why did I ever lose touch with these girls? They are such genuine people and well these are the kind of people I like to be surrounded with.

While at the Afternoon Tea I also met a girl called Jemma from Australia and she was so easy to get along with. So it ended up being 5 of us laughing and joking into late afternoon, we had even gone to the pub for a cheeky drink.


This weekend has taught me that even though I suffer with anxiety it is definitely something which shouldn’t stop me doing the things which I love. I just need to be able to tackle the anxiety and worries head on. I need to stop whittling about things which shouldn’t be an issue.


Life is something which you can never be to sure about. You should take each day as it comes and challenge yourself. When you overcome a challenge make sure that treat yourself as this is something which is draining. I have never felt so exhausted after fighting my anxiety throughout a day, I may look calm on the outside but the inside is a completely different story. There are a few ways in which I can combat the anxiety, don’t get me wrong it doesn’t work every time but for if it works once in a blue moon it is all worth it in the end.

I try to battle my anxieties through;

  • Keeping myself busy
  • Writing down my feelings
  • Listening to music
  • Sometimes I try to nap… however, this doesn’t happen most of the time
  • Bite my nails… bad habit I know!
  • Concentrate on something else, so this could be painting my nails, writing a blog post etc.
  • Meditation

Is there anything you do to combat your anxieties?

*All photos are my own