I have been looking through old photos and I have to say that It has got me missing the Autumn weather. I don’t want to be wishing the time away but it does make me so happy just thinking about the autumn weather! I just love that time of year, I even love the winter. I have shared a few photos which I came across while hunting through my camera, these were taken last Autumn.


If you are wondering where I am in these photos it is a little walk from where I live. The place is called Elvaston Castle is a surrounded by such beautiful sites. It is my go to when I feel like I need to escape a little bit and not worry about stresses of life.

One of my favourite things to do while visiting is going to feed the ducks it helps me to feel completely free like I have no worries in the world. I have to say this is one of the best things for me to clear my mind and would 100% say it is a form of mindfulness. However, on this day the ducks were all fighting over the food and I was becoming very frustrated when the little ducks are not getting their food. Me being me I had to tell the bully birds off which my friend found so funny as people walking past thought I was having ago at them.  I can become very protective at times!


One of my favourite things about Autumn is I love the clothes you get to wear, I love layers and scarfs. I own way too many scarfs to mention and I always love being able to throw one on as an accessory. I am so excited for this weather to set in and be in my element. I have a thing about cold weather… not sure if this is because I am a winter baby or not. Everything just seems so much better with a little bit of frost and golden leaves.


After all the hard work of feeding the ducks and walking about meant I needed some rest and I just couldn’t help getting me a photo of the golden leaves against my loafers! It just left the day on a complete high… who doesn’t love taking these kind of photos!


As soon as autumn is around the corner I am super excited about Christmas. December is the best month of the year, with Christmas, family birthday and of course my birthday! Autumn just has the best smells, there is a lot more spicy smells and of course rusty. I just love this time of year and I want it to last forever.

I feel as though Autumn is on its way with all of the cold weather and the rain. I have even been rocking the autumnal candles at night while watching some of the classic films… who doesn’t love a film such a ghost.

*All my own photos